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AACF supports the adoption of common core standards
AACF supports the adoption of common core standards
Posted by Jerri Derlikowski on July 22nd 2013

The following testimony was sent to Sen. Johnny Key and Rep. James McLean, chairs of the education committees in their respective chambers. 

Dear Mr. Chairmen:

At your invitation, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families submits the following written testimony regarding the Common Core State Standards.

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families Supports the Adoption of Common Core State Standards with the following caveats.  

  • Although over 40 states have adopted the standards, few have developed strategies to help ensure that all districts can meet the standards and provide an equitable and top notch education for all students.
  • If they are to compete with richer and better resourced districts, it will be important for districts with large numbers of low-income students and/or fewer resources to receive the supports they need to effectively introduce and implement the new standards.
  • The Department of Education should do an assessment to determine what additional supports and resources are needed to make culturally diverse and low-income students successful with the new standards.
  • The capacity assessment should address but not be limited to: technology support; instructional materials and equipment; adequate instructional time; strategies for remedial support; and professional development for implementing the standards for diverse and low-income students.
  • The full benefits of a Common Core will be realized only if the achievement gap for low-income students is made a top priority and the needs of low-income students are addressed in an equitable fashion.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this important discussion. 

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