Good 2 Great

Good to Great is an initiative to improve the quality of early childhood education and expand access to it in Arkansas. The initiative will focus on the cities of Marvell and Prescott but will use lessons learned in these places to improve early childhood education across the state.

Who is involved?Good-2-Great-Logo-Square-250x249

Local residents, parents, educators, business leaders, and policy makers in Marvell and Prescott
guide the Good to Great initiative, with support from a team of state and community-based organizations and the Arkansas Community Foundation. Other core partners are:

  • Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families (AACF)
  • Arkansas Public Policy Panel (APPP)
  • Arkansas State University Childhood Services (ASU-CS)
  • Clinton School of Public Service Center on Community Philanthropy (CCP)

W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation provide funding for Good to Great.

What will happen?

Establish Good to Great Community Advisory Committees in Marvell and Prescott. Good to Great Community Advisory Committees made up of community leaders and parents from each community are forming to establish the initiative and provide on-going guidance to improve the quality and availability of early childhood education in their community.

Build staff capacity at early care facilities in Marvell and Prescott. ASU-CS will train early care staff with technical assistance, one-on-one coaching, professional development and other resources to improve quality and achieve better ratings in Arkansas’s Quality Rating Improvement System (Better Beginnings). They will also work to align early care with the local k-3 education system. ASU-CS will also support outreach to parents at early care sites.

Increase parental voice for high-quality early care. APPP will engage parents in the communities to partner with providers, educators and policy makers to ensure local children have access to high-quality early care. Local grassroots leaders will also educate parents about Better Beginnings and provide leadership development to close opportunity gaps in education.

Promote relevant research and best practices. CCP will bring national Fellows on topics related to early education. It will also use its student and faculty resources to provide academic grounding around strategies that work. AACF will provide background research on potential models and will use reports, videos, and other tools to highlight effective strategies for improving access to high-quality early care in Arkansas. AACF will use communications to encourage system-level change through policy.

Convene community, education, policy, and business leaders to elevate discussion around the importance of early childhood education. Good to Great will culminate with a summit at the Clinton School for Public Service where results and lessons from the initiative will be shared. The Good to Great Summit will convene leaders from across the state to discuss what must be done to improve early childhood education in Arkansas and move the state from “good” to “great.”

Get Involved

To learn more, or to find out how you can get involved with Good 2 Great, email us here.