Inequality in Arkansas needs a tune up!


A new report published by Economic Policy Institute finds that all 50 states have experienced widening income inequality in recent decades. This follows a report we released last week that highlights the growing wealth disparity in Arkansas. The EPI report focuses on new data that shows the top one percent in Arkansas raked in nearly one-third of all the state’s economic growth from 1979 to 2007.

The EPI Report is here. AACF’s report can be seen here.

In combination with the EPI report, AACF has released a new infographic to help visualize the growing disparity between the wealthiest Arkansans and those at the bottom of the economic ladder.

“Our state’s current economic policies clearly benefit the very top of the income scale while doing very little for every other Arkansas family,” said Rich Huddleston, Executive Director at AACF. “Arkansas does better when everyone participates in the economy. Lawmakers need to enact policies that help working Arkansans – like an Earned Income Tax Credit – rather than passing massive tax cuts for the wealthiest among us.”

Tune-up Infographic (whole)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3