2017 Annual Report

The year 2017 was an eventful one for AACF! We celebrated 40 years of working to improve the lives of Arkansas kids and families. AACF observed the occasion in October with our first ever gala, held at Little Rock’s Statehouse Convention Center. During the event, we uplifted outstanding moments in AACF’s four-decade history. We also […]

2016 Annual Report

What a year 2016 was for AACF! We had not one, but three legislative sessions during the first half of 2016, including the regular fiscal session and two special sessions on health care reform and funding for highways and roads. AACF staff worked diligently to ensure the voices of all children and families were heard […]

2015 Annual Report

The year 2015 was a milestone year of political change in Arkansas. Because of term limits and the changing political landscape at the state capitol, we lost many of our long-time champions of children’s issues on both sides of the political aisle. At the same time, tax cuts that leave out the poor and reducing government spending have […]

2014 Annual Report

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families has always done a good job of changing with the times. As we’ve watched the political climate in Arkansas shift over the past couple of years, we’ve responded with our own changes as well.

2013 Annual Report

The political environment in Arkansas is changing. As talk of tax cuts and cut-backs rise above the din, making a strong argument for investments in our state’s children and families is more important than ever. With that in mind, AACF developed a new strategic plan in 2013 that will guide us over the next four […]

2012 Annual Report

The past year at Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families has been one of expansion and innovation. Improved access to early childhood education has always been something that we’ve worked toward at AACF. This year we expanded our education work to two important issues that affect our children: improving grade-level reading for children in the […]

2011 Annual Report

We never forget that behind every statistic is a living, breathing child. While we work each day to examine the causes of large-scale poverty issues in Arkansas, we are reminded that our work has real impact when we see positive changes for individual families. In 2011, we saw this in the drop in the number […]

2010 Annual Report

Every other year we spend months gearing up for the regular session of the Arkansas General Assembly with a flurry of research, reports and outreach. That work in 2010 was some of our most challenging yet as we prepared to serve as the voice for low-income children and families during tight financial times and a […]

2009 Annual Report

2009 was a demanding year for Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. We spent much of the year working to make us a more effective advocacy organization. We developed a new strategic plan—with new goals and priorities—to help guide and focus our work in the new decade. We worked with our partners to assess our […]

2008 Annual Report

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families saw a year of growth in 2008 as we launched two milestone projects. First was the formation of the Arkansas Finish Line Coalition, an initiative to get health insurance for every Arkansas child. We also opened our first office outside of Little Rock in Northwest Arkansas, where we’re building […]