AR Child Poverty: Policy to Change Lives, Build Stronger Communities

With the Regular Session of the 91st General Assembly coming up in just weeks, it’s time to shine a spotlight on the critical issue of child poverty in Arkansas and what we can do to improve the lives of hardworking families and build stronger communities. AACF’s newest report, Child Poverty in Arkansas, details the consequences of […]

From Good to Great in Arkansas: Marvell-Elaine and Prescott

In 2013, southern Arkansas communities Marvell-Elaine and Prescott began working to improve educational outcomes for their children. Both communities were already good places for kids, but they wanted to be great places where all children would thrive, especially in their educational endeavors. That same year, officials from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) came to Arkansas and […]

Helping Your Child Succeed in School: A Guide for Parents

All Arkansas students have the right to high-quality learning opportunities. But not all students in our state enjoy the same learning experiences. Some young people have access to high-quality education, while others do not. This creates wide gaps in student achievement among different groups of students. Many people in Arkansas play a role in making sure that students in the […]

Special Education in Arkansas: where we are, where we need to be, how we can improve

Arkansas serves nearly 56,000 students through special education programs. The state constitution guarantees every child access to the advantages and opportunities of free, public education. It also charges the legislature with adopting all suitable means to make it happen. This means that the state and its school districts have a responsibility to meet the needs of every student — including those with […]

What would it take for Arkansas to be number one?

Every year, the Annie E. Casey Foundation releases the Kids Count Data Book, a comprehensive, 50-state look at child welfare. This year, Arkansas made gains in economic well-being, but we lost ground in health, becoming one of the bottom five states in that category. What would it take for Arkansas to climb all the way up […]

2016 Voter’s Guide

This November, elections are critical to the well-being of Arkansas’s children and families and to the future of this great state. Arkansas voters will help decide which candidates win a number of important public offices, including the U.S. Presidency, a U.S. Senate seat, and House and Senate seats in the Arkansas General Assembly. The winners […]

Awaken the Force of Quality Pre-K

This May the Fourth, awaken the force … of QUALITY PRE-K. Our little Wookiees’ earliest experiences form the foundation for all of their future learning. In quality pre-K classrooms, they learn to regulate emotions along with their ABC’s, leading them to success in Kindergarten and beyond. From Kindergarten readiness to coding careers to space travel, […]

The “Elements” of Quality Pre-K

Quality pre-K matters. It matters most to the children who start off with their backpacks full of knowledge — they are familiar with school routines, they understand the importance of using words rather than fists when there is conflict over crayons, and they are beginning to recognize numbers and sound out words. They are Kindergarten-ready. Quality pre-K also matters to […]

A Tax and Budget Blueprint for a Better Arkansas

What if Arkansas were a national leader in children’s education and health? What if we had one of the lowest rates of child poverty in the nation instead of one of the highest? What if our abused and neglected children received the attention they deserved from caseworkers who weren’t overloaded? It’s not impossible. We can […]