Ripping Through Red Tape

We have more information to share on the Red Tape Bill, Senate Bill 65. You already know that it would cut the red tape on ARKids First applications, preventing 20,000 kids who are already eligible from falling off the service each year.

First, it’s good to know that the longer kids are covered, the less they cost the health system in later years because their illnesses are caught early. Getting them signed up for ARKids First is just the first step. Keeping them covered by eliminating lost renewal forms and other hurdles is an easy way to ensure thousands of Arkansas kids stay healthy and in school.

Back to the red tape. Here are three things Senate Bill 65 would do. Many of these ideas have been used with great success in other states:

  • Expand paperless renewal options.
  • Offer 12-month continuous coverage for ARKids First A.
  • Start “Express Lane” enrollment.

Intrigued? See our handout for more details on how these simple fixes would work.