29 June, 2018
Arkansas Studies Institute, Room 124
401 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201

Join a coalition to protect critical state programs

Are you concerned about how continued rounds of state tax cuts will affect the budget of programs that you care about? Pre-K, K-12 education, disability services, older adult care, environmental protection, public health, historic preservation, foster care, juvenile justice, child welfare, workforce services, and many more programs that Arkansans rely on are funded through taxes. But after years of tax cuts, the state’s ability to continue to provide these services and maintain and increase quality of services is at risk.

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families invites you to join a coalition of organizations and individuals that are concerned about the state’s revenue to discuss tax cuts, their potential impact, and how we can work together to protect critical programs.

The goal of this coalition is to ensure that the state fulfills its responsibility to invest in programs that provide important services and improve the quality of life for the people of Arkansas, and to oppose proposals that would cut back essential revenue streams to the state’s budget that would result in the further divestment of critical programs.