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Safe Housing

Arkansas is the only state without a policy known as an “implied warranty of habitability.” Landlords in Arkansas have no legal obligation to ensure minimum standards for rental properties. That means kids in vulnerable families in Arkansas don’t have the right to basic necessities and protections in housing that many of us take for granted – things like roofs that don’t leak, doors that lock appropriately, and utilities like running water and working plumbing. Rental buildings don’t even need to be structurally sound. But kids in Arkansas can’t flourish in school and grow up to be productive adults if they are constantly struggling with issues like mold, rodents, or uncertain access to running water.
An implied warranty of habitability would ensure that vulnerable Arkansas families would no longer need to accept substandard housing without legal recourse.

What to Ask Candidates

How do you propose protecting renters and ensuring that kids don’t need to go without basic housing needs like safe shelter?

Download this handout: Housing