Step 4: How to Use Your Care

Preventive Care

Did you know that most preventive care is free if you have health insurance? Preventive care are services that help to keep you healthy. Many preventive services are completely covered by insurance. That means you won’t pay anything for them, including your deductible or co-pay.

Here is a list of some things that are considered preventive care: • Blood Pressure Tests

Taking advantage of these free services can help you to stay healthy and prevent more serious health problems. You will not have to pay for these services if you receive them during a regular checkup or well-woman exam. If the preventive service is not the main reason you are seeing the the doctor, you may get a bill for the office visit.

What Should I Do When I am Sick?

If you are sick, call your primary care provider and make an appointment to see the doctor. You may be able to see the doctor quickly for a sick appointment.

What Should I do When in an Emergency?

A medical emergency is when someone is seriously ill or injured. Some examples of medical emergencies are :

If you have a medical emergency, go to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. If you are sick, but not in an emergency, you should call your regular doctor. If you go to the emergency room for non-emergency care, you may end up paying much more for the care you receive.

Step 5: Making an Appeal