Reducing a child's time in foster care
Almost a quarter of the children who enter the foster care system over a five-year period stayed in foster care for...

Introducing Wonky Word Wednesdays
Have you ever had an interest in learning about issues in public policy but found yourself lost in the technical jargon? We...

Mandatory retention policies could do more harm than good for Arkansas students
Mandatory retention policies without significant resourcing are often ineffective, financially draining, and damaging to student's emotional health. Since 2002, 15 states have implemented...

AACF welcomes Kerri Michael Sernel
Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families is very proud to announce that Kerri Michael Sernel will be joining the AACF staff as...

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Since we were founded in October 1977, our mission has been to advocate for effective public policies that we know will help children and their families have the resources and opportunities they need to lead healthy and productive lives and realize their full potential. By making an investment in our work, you will join with child advocates from around the state to make a bigger difference for Arkansas's kids.  

Your tax-deductible gift will help us provide lawmakers with the most timely, rigorously investigated and understandable research possible, encouraging them to consider children in every bill they author and every vote they cast.

There are many ways to contribute to our work, and any and all gifts are appreciated. Read below for different ways to support us and see what works best for you!

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