Fighting Unemployment Will Boost Arkansas’s Economy

Arkansans have always been defined by our work ethic. We don’t back down from a challenge, and we believe our word is our bond. For generations we have taught our children that working hard and playing by the rules means they’ll have a chance to earn a good living in their home state. Thanks to the mistakes and, in many cases, greed of others (especially on Wall Street) too many of our working Arkansans find themselves underemployed or desperately searching for a paycheck they can earn.

High unemployment threatens our economic well-being and the ability of working families to not only make ends meet but to thrive and make better lives for their children. Arkansans have also been defined by our willingness to help our neighbors in need. We have overcome challenges like these in the past by working together. It’s time we answer the bell once again. Together we can make better choices when it comes to our state’s economy and our children’s education and make sure all Arkansans – no matter what part of the state they live in – have an equal opportunity to capitalize on the American Dream.