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Some facts on the Private Option
Some facts on the Private Option
Posted by Anna Strong on February 11th 2014

One of the most debated issues of this fiscal legislative session will likely be Arkansas's Private Option. As legislators consider whether to continue to ensure that 250,000 Arkansans can access affordable health coverage, it's important to have the facts at hand. Our new Private Option one-pager has the answers you need, including data about new enrollees, economic impact, and how to influence the debate or share your enrollment story. It even has county-level data to help you determine what's happening with enrollment and economic impact in communities around the state. We know that the economic security of health coverage protects families and allows children to have healthy, engaged caregivers.

Click here to see the Private Option Fact Sheet.

The Private Option is a law passed by a bipartisan supermajority of Arkansas legislators in 2013 that provides affordable, private health coverage for up to 250,000 Arkansans who lack health insurance. It's a market-based, fiscally responsible model of covering low-income adults that's attracting lots of national attention for health innovation in Arkansas. It's already helping Arkansans like Jennifer, Sherri, and Jason. The Private Option has helped thousands of Arkansans already.

  • 97,000 adult Arkansans are already enrolled.
  • 5,000 children signed up for ARKids First when their caregivers enrolled.
  • Arkansas will save $89 million in its state budget in fiscal year 2015.

Speaker Davy Carter believes the House of Representatives could vote on the Private Option as early as next week. Unfortunately as few as 26 Representatives or nine Senators could block funding and strip health coverage from 100,000 Arkansans who are already enrolled. The new Private Option fact sheet shares how you can make your voice heard today on the Private Option as we work to #keepARcoverage for the good of Arkansas families.  

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