Afterschool Alliance Releases New Data About Afterschool in Arkansas

While Arkansas Parents Give Afterschool Programs High Marks, New Household Survey Finds Huge Unmet Demand for Afterschool in the State

More Arkansas parents want afterschool programs for their children than are able to access them, according to a recent household survey released by the Afterschool Alliance.

The information finds that, by overwhelming margins, parents express strong support for afterschool programs. But unmet demand has increased over the past six years, with low-income families in particular citing cost as a barrier to enrolling their children. As a result, for every child in an afterschool program in Arkansas today, three more are waiting to get in.

“While pleased that parents expressed such strong support for afterschool programs, we recognize the urgent need to significantly broaden opportunities and make afterschool available to all children and youth here in Arkansas,” stated Arkansas Out of School Network Director, Laveta Wills-Hale. “America After 3PM 2020 finds that 86% of parents are satisfied with the afterschool program their child attends. We are also encouraged that 89% of Arkansas parents express their support for public funding for afterschool.”

Learn more about Afterschool in Arkansas by downloading the new Arkansas After 3PM handout!