ALERT: Tell your state senator to vote for people

ALERT: Tell your state senator to vote for people

No on Cap Gains cuts, yes for low-income parents.

Next week your state senator will have two important votes to make. Help us make sure they are votes that support working Arkansas families. Call 501-682-2902 today and tell your senator to:

VOTE NO on cutting capital gains taxes (HB1002). This is a windfall for the super rich. Research shows it does little to create jobs, especially when there’s no guarantee that the money would be invested in Arkansas. If passed, it could rob as much as $68 million a year from the education, health and safety services upon which we all depend.

VOTE YES on cutting income taxes for low-income parents (HB1056). This bill fixes a glitch in the tax code that prevents heads of household with two or more children from taking advantage of a tax break that others already enjoy. It has a minimal impact on the state budget, especially compared to the stimulus it would give to local communities. These parents are going to spend this money on food, shelter and transportation as soon as they get it.

Advocates, this is why we fight. You can be a voice for low-income children in Arkansas right now.

Look up your state senator here, then call 501-682-2902 and ask for him or her. Give them the message that people matter, not profits.