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A credit card bill is a pretty good way of summing up your priorities. When I see my AACF gift on my bill every month, next to my Netflix subscription and a receipt from Bed Bath & Beyond, it reminds me I’m doing something to improve the lives of Arkansans and not just myself.” – EW

I give to AACF every month because Arkansas’s children are the future of this state. They are voiceless in a process that is filled with special interests and big money. By helping AACF continue to do increasingly important work on healthcare, education and other necessary issues, I help ensure that  someone is putting kids first.” – KR

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People frequently make a one-time donation to a cause that is of personal significance to them. For many AACF donors, our efforts have played an important role in their lives or the lives of a loved one. Others simply wish to support the research, advocacy, and resources that impact Arkansas’s children and families.

We invite you to consider making a one-time gift to AACF. Whether large or small, you can rest assured that your investment in Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families is a wise one.

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Ask your employer if they will match your donation.

Buy tickets or make a contribution to our Soup Sunday fundraisers in Central Arkansas or Northwest Arkansas.

Contact your attorney and consider making a planned gift or bequest.

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