2011 Annual Report

We never forget that behind every statistic is a living, breathing child. While we work each day to examine the causes of large-scale poverty issues in Arkansas, we are reminded that our work has real impact when we see positive changes for individual families. In 2011, we saw this in the drop in the number of uninsured children, increased tax support for low-income families, and a significant drop in juvenile incarceration.

Our work has real impact, but it also takes time to do research, coalition-building, and public education to significantly improve the lives of low-income families. We’re grateful to our long-standing supporters and funders for recognizing this and remaining committed to our mission. In 2011 the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation released a report chronicling our major successes. “Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families: Affecting Policy and Programming” explores the challenges and lessons learned during the evolution of AACF into an anchor policy institution in Arkansas. The report highlights the impact a donor can have when they make an investment in our work.

We used this report to kick-off the Champion of Children Giving Circle campaign, an effort to ensure that we’re improving the lives of Arkansans for another three decades and longer. Individuals and businesses now have an opportunity to make a significant investment in our work. By coming together as a community, these donors have the opportunity to make a big difference for Arkansas children.

We’re grateful to have had Dr. Eduardo Ochoa Jr. lead the board of directors in such a busy year. His wise leadership, unflappable demeanor and commitment to families ensured everyone involved in our work had the chance to make a difference for kids in 2011