2015 Annual Report

The year 2015 was a milestone year of political change in Arkansas. Because of term limits and the changing political landscape at the state capitol, we lost many of our long-time champions of children’s issues on both sides of the political aisle. At the same time, tax cuts that leave out the poor and reducing government spending have both become high priorities at the state capitol, which does not bode well for support of public services impacting the well-being of our most vulnerable children and families. Because of these changes, we have spent a great deal of time thinking about how to elevate children’s issues to the top of the policy agenda in Arkansas. We’ve worked with the governor’s office and legislators to build public will and support for the investments we know our children need. We made a real effort to reach out to our allies, cultivate new ones, and educate those still on the fence.

We know what our children need to be successful later in life — a healthy start, a good education no matter their zip code, and opportunities to thrive in and out of school. And it doesn’t matter to us whether the state is considered red, blue, or somewhere in between, we’ll work tirelessly to make sure our kids have those things.