2023 Annual Report

2023 Annual Report cover

What a year 2023 was!

Since the Arkansas General Assembly held their general session in 2023, much of what you will read in this report is focused on our policy advocacy efforts. Our staff helped get six bills from our legislative agenda introduced. During the regular session alone, Arkansas Advocates staff testified 23 times before legislative committees!

We faced disappointments for sure, like the erosion of oversight measures intended to protect our state’s youngest workers. But we were encouraged by the stiffening of penalties for employers who violate child labor laws.

Many of the programs we know help improve the lives of Arkansas’s children and families depend on a robust state budget. Unfortunately, both during the regular session and during a special session later in the year, the Legislature chose to reduce state revenue in the form of tax cuts where the largest benefit flowed to the wealthiest in our state with very little returning to the majority of Arkansans. As a result, we expect to see reduced investments in the programs and services truly needed to improve our communities and address the needs of our children.

Thankfully, we remain encouraged by our relationships with fellow advocates, the agencies and policymakers, the coalitions and partners with whom we work to move Arkansas forward, and our supporters.

At AACF, we will continue to uplift our mission to ensure that all children and their families have the resources and opportunities to lead healthy and productive lives and to realize their full potential. We remain committed to lifting up Arkansas families and working with the individuals and organizations who work tirelessly to improve our state. Thank you for your continued support and for the belief in a better future for Arkansas.