The State of Working Arkansas

Arkansas only thrives when workers thrive In Arkansas, people, and not corporations, drive the economy. The labor and skills of Arkansas workers build prosperity in the state. Therefore, hardworking Arkansans deserve public spending and policies that support them. An...

2023 Annual Report cover

2023 Annual Report

What a year 2023 was! Since the Arkansas General Assembly held their general session in 2023, much of what you will read in this report is focused on our policy advocacy efforts. Our staff helped get six bills from...

2024 Voters’ Guide

Whether you have children or not, the well-being of our state’s kids is critical to everyone’s future. As advocates, it’s up to us to make sure voters and candidates are aware of the issues that matter most. Election years...

Race for Results 2024

While 9.5% of all babies in Arkansas were born with low birth weights in 2021, the low birth weight rate for Black babies in our state was almost 17%.