Tell Congress: Balanced Approach

We heard from the President and the Speaker of the House last night, both making their cases for a way out of the debt crisis. President Obama called on Congress to adopt a balanced approach, asking all Americans to share in his vision of compromise as we tackle our nation’s growing debt. Speaker Boehner pushed a different plan, asking middle- and low-income families to carry the burden of balancing the budget by accepting enormous cuts to Medicaid, child care and education funding.

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families has long supported a balanced approach. Historically, these agreements include shared sacrifice by everyone in our nation. Today’s crisis requires we all contribute again.

We echo the President’s call to contact your member of Congress. Ask them to end the gridlock and compromise on a debt reduction plan. The future of our country is far more important than the future of any political party. Do your part today and contact your Representative and Senators in Washington by phone, e-mail or Twitter. NOTE: Congressional servers are running very slowly today, so we encourage you to call and leave a message.

U.S. Senate

John Boozman: 202-224-4843, @JohnBoozman

Mark Pryor: 202-224-2353

U.S. House of Representatives

First District – Rep. Rick Crawford: 202-225-4076, @reprickcrawford

Second District – Rep. Tim Griffin: 202-225-2506, @RepTimGriffin

Third District – Rep. Steve Womack: 202-225-4301, @rep_stevewomack

Fourth District – Rep. Mike Ross: 202-225-3772, @repmikeross