Watch the national health reform summit

While legislators wrap up the fiscal session at the State Capitol today (more on that to come), the White House is hosting a health reform summit to gain some common ground to achieve meaningful reform this year.

Still not sure we need reform? Consider the ever-rising cost of premiums that continue to bury families and small businesses in debt as we speak. It’s no coincidence that over half of bankruptcies in this country are due to medical debt. This isn’t just about health, it’s about families’ financial security. We cannot continue with the status quo.

You can watch live on the White House feed, or go to our friends at the Center for Children and Families (CCF), who are live blogging from the event on issues specific to children and families.

CCF also put out a fact sheet on the White House proposal, which takes a number of elements from the House and Senate bills and will be up for discussion today.  We’re watching with hope for progress.