What’s your advocacy resolution?

The Arkansas Kids Count Coalition, led by Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, works to raise awareness about pressing policy issues impacting children and to teach people how to lobby and advocate.

As we start off 2022, the Arkansas Kids Count Coalition wants to invite you to make a resolution on how you will be a voice for children this year. From local government to the national level, with lawmakers or your friends—how will you make sure laws reflect the interests of our state’s kids?

  • Will you commit to completing Arkansas Advocates’ action alerts?
  • Will you educate your friends and classmates on an issue important to you and encourage them to contact their legislators about it?
  • Will you join a coalition focused on education, racial equity, or affordable housing advocacy?
  • Will you post articles on social media on the happenings at the state Capitol to make sure your family and friends get important information?
  • Will you create artwork to help raise awareness about how families are impacted by a law?
  • Will you meet with your elected officials about an issue you care about?
  • Will you host a letter writing party with your friends to mail legislators?

There are so many ways you can speak up for Arkansas’s children.

After you decide on your 2022 advocacy resolution, post it on social media using the hashtags #IresolveAR and #advocacyresolution. You can also use this graphic

We hope you have a great 2022 and that together we make sure that, from town councils to Congress, the well-being of Arkansas’s children is the top priority for lawmakers. The Kids Count Coalition will be connecting with you throughout the year to provide tips and resources to help you achieve your advocacy goals to improve the lives of kids in our state.

Happy New Year!