ARKids First: Low-Cost or Free Health Insurance for Arkansas’s Children

Every child should have their health care needs met. ARKids First provides low-cost or free health insurance for children across Arkansas.

Nationwide, 1.1 million kids have lost Medicaid or CHIP coverage over the past 18 months. Arkansas is one of five states that’s seen increased enrollment in 2019, but our state is still below where we were at the end of 2017. Not only does Arkansas have a lower rate of ARKids First enrollment than in 2017, the rate of uninsured children has risen to 4.5% in 2018, up from 4% in 2016.

Community-based outreach to families with children who are uninsured by likely eligible is a key tool in improving health insurance coverage rates.

If you work with families with children who may be eligible for ARKids First, please download our printable fliers to spread the word about enrollment.

Arkansas Enrollment Flyer_English

Arkansas Enrollment Flyer_Spanish

Arkansas Enrollment Flyer_Marshallese