Host a House Party

Just like regular houses, AACF’s House Parties come in all shapes and sizes. Some draw big crowds of existing supporters and some are intended to introduce folks to AACF’s work for the first time; some House Parties fill big,fancy houses and some are just the right size for a smaller, cozy den. Most of our House Parties happen in the fall, but we would love to have events like this throughout the year, and all across the state. At these House Parties, members of AACF’s staff are on hand to answer questions and talk about policy issues that most interest you. Some House Parties are issue-specific, while at others, we do our best to give attendees policy updates on all of the issues on which we work – education, child welfare, juvenile justice and healthcare.

What we’re trying to say is that House Parties can be whatever you want them to be.

Regardless of time of year, size of the house, and who is there, these House Parties are an excellent way to raise awareness and funds for our work and raise the bar for Arkansas’s children and their families.

If you’re interested in hosting your own House Party, please email Mallory Van Dover. If you’d rather attend someone else’s House Party, check our Events page – you are welcome at the one nearest you!