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Kids at the Capitol 2015

This legislative session, like many others before it, had its ups and downs. The children and families of Arkansas won some, but suffered some major losses as well. The Private Option, Arkansas’s version of Medicaid expansion, will continue to provide health...

A bump up for kids’ coverage in Arkansas

A new federal law provides an opportunity for Arkansas to expand children’s health coverage while spending less at the state level. We need to make sure we take advantage of this opportunity while also ensuring that any cost savings...


Arkansas moms need our help

Working Arkansas moms are never off the clock. From packing lunches in the morning to tucking kids in at night, moms put in a lot more than a full day’s work. And every dollar they work for is hard...

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2014 Annual Report

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families has always done a good job of changing with the times. As we’ve watched the political climate in Arkansas shift over the past couple of years, we’ve responded with our own changes as well.

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Tell us your #prekstories

AACF is looking for Arkansans to tell us their stories about why pre-K is important to them. If you’re a business leader, a college student, a member of law enforcement, a prosecutor, a teacher, a member of the clergy,...

Time to protect Arkansas renters

Arkansas has the nation’s weakest laws on tenants’ rights and in some cases even criminalizes renters.  State law puts those who pay rent – most often the lower income residents in Arkansas – at a disadvantage in dealing with...