AACF Official Statements During Arkansas’s 93rd General Assembly

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families made the decision to dramatically limit our staff’s time spent testifying in person during the 93rd General Assembly. In lieu of in-person testimony, we have submitted the following statements to Arkansas’s legislators, and written the following posts, on behalf of the children and families of Arkansas.

April 5: in support of HB 1798

March 30: in opposition to HB 1428

March 23: joint letter in opposition to HB 1371

March 23: in opposition to HB 1403

March 18: in opposition to SB 295

March 18: in opposition to HB 1676

March 18: in opposition to HB 1512

March 17: in support of HB 1563

March 16: in opposition to HB 1371

February 25: in opposition to SB 289

February 9: in opposition to HB 1361

January 12: in support of SB 3 and HB 1020