2024 Voters’ Guide

Whether you have children or not, the well-being of our state’s kids is critical to everyone’s future. As advocates, it’s up to us to make sure voters and candidates are aware of the issues that matter most. Election years are an excellent time to call attention to the ways we can make Arkansas a better […]

2023 Kids at the Capitol

Kids at the Capitol: 2023 Legislative Summary

Arkansas’s 2023 General Assembly passed 889 bills. Many of these new laws will impact Arkansas’s kids. From depression-screening coverage for pregnant women and new moms to free school meals for more kids, our Kids at the Capitol 2023 Legislative Summary has it all. Read about the good laws that passed, the missed opportunities, and the […]

Advocating for Change: An AACF Advocacy Guide

When Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families meets with people around the state, we hear similar stories: in El Dorado and Jonesboro, we hear about the negative impact of unfair rental laws on children’s health. In Springdale and Little Rock, we’re told of the ability of early childhood education to ensure kids’ long-term success. In […]

2022 Voters’ Guide

For the staff at Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, election years are exciting. Many policies and laws that don’t often get much attention can become a major part of the election debate. That increases their importance for candidates, the media, and the public. But the opposite can also be true. Without advocacy from people […]

Advocating for a fair and effective use of historic K-12 funding

We know that every parent, guardian and community member can be a powerful force in promoting an equal opportunity to learn in Arkansas, and we have an incredible opportunity to shape a huge investment in our K-12 education system here in the coming months. Through the American Rescue Plan (ARP), Arkansas is receiving $1.2 billion […]

2020 Voters’ Guide

Vote for the Change You Wish to See The November 2020 elections are crucial to the current and future well-being of Arkansas’s children and families. Arkansas voters will elect candidates to the Arkansas General Assembly, the U.S. Congress, and the U.S. Presidency. These policymakers will have the power to pass and influence public policies that […]