What would it take for Arkansas to be number one?

Every year, the Annie E. Casey Foundation releases the Kids Count Data Book, a comprehensive, 50-state look at child welfare. This year, Arkansas made gains in economic well-being, but we lost ground in health, becoming one of the bottom five states in that category. What would it take for Arkansas to climb all the way up […]

Kids at the Capitol 2015

This legislative session, like many others before it, had its ups and downs. The children and families of Arkansas won some, but suffered some major losses as well. The Private Option, Arkansas’s version of Medicaid expansion, will continue to provide health coverage for low-income Arkansans, at least through 2016. However, changes are likely on the horizon. Our state’s […]

What Would It Take to Be Number One (2014)

Every year, the Annie E. Casey Foundation releases the Kids Count Data Book, a comprehensive, 50-state look at child welfare. Arkansas made gains in health coverage and education over the last year, but the child poverty rate went up to 29 percent. Those ups and downs are consistent with national trends, but what would it […]

Kids at the Capitol, May 2013

The 2013 session of the Arkansas General Assembly was an historic one. Republican legislators took over both chambers for the first time since Reconstruction. Lawmakers passed sweeping health coverage legislation, known as the Private Option, guaranteed to change the way Arkansans access health care in their communities. But some things were the same as ever. […]

Advocates Guide to the 2012 Elections: Questions to Ask About the Issues That Matter

The Arkansas legislature faces unprecedented territory when they reconvene in January 2013 for the 89th General Assembly. While each session creates new opportunities, this Assembly must immediately deal with a challenge-bridging what some believe is a $400 million shortfall in the state’s Medicaid budget. Constitutionally mandated revenue stabilization (aka, a balanced budget) requires lawmakers to […]

Kids at the Capitol 2011

Arkansas lawmakers in the 2011 session were able to improve the health, economic security and education opportunities for many children and families, despite the continuing effects of The Great Recession.

“What It Takes to Be #1”

In these difficult economic times, Arkansas faces major challenges in meeting the needs of vulnerable children and families. Decreasing tax revenues and growing demand for services and support require tough decisions, thoughtful approaches and the political courage to balance a range of demands on state government. This year’s release of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s […]