Arkansas’s Upside-Down Tax System

We all want to live in a great state where everyone can thrive and achieve economic prosperity. But Arkansas consistently ranks near the bottom of the states in terms of health, education, and economic security. Investing in the foundations of our communities by ensuring we have great public schools, safely maintained roads and bridges, and […]

Advocating for a fair and effective use of historic K-12 funding

We know that every parent, guardian and community member can be a powerful force in promoting an equal opportunity to learn in Arkansas, and we have an incredible opportunity to shape a huge investment in our K-12 education system here in the coming months. Through the American Rescue Plan (ARP), Arkansas is receiving $1.2 billion […]

Updated Guide to Benefits in the American Rescue Plan

The American Rescue Plan is a historic and much-needed response to a global pandemic. In the short term, the federal relief will help many of us recover from months of lost wages and overdue rent. Here are some benefits in the Plan that may help you or your family. For a more comprehensive list of […]

Kids At The Capitol: 2021 Legislative Summary

More than a thousand bills were passed during the 2021 General Assembly. Do you know how they will impact kids? From positive changes for immigrant families in Arkansas to increasing teachers’ salaries, and to defending the state’s Medicaid expansion program, our Kids at the Capitol 2021 Legislative Summary covers it. Read about the good laws that passed, […]

2020 Annual Report

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families’ (AACF) mission has always been to ensure that all children and their families have the resources and opportunities to lead healthy and productive lives and to realize their full potential. In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic strain highlighted the importance of our work on behalf of […]

Paid Family Leave: Good for Parents and Employers

by Bruno Showers Senior Policy Analyst   Introduction At Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, we work to ensure that all children have the resources and opportunities they need to realize their full potential. And what happens in a child’s early years is critical in determining their future success. The first years are especially important, […]

The Affordable Care Act Turns 10: How the ACA has worked for Arkansas

From shoring up rural hospitals to providing health insurance to unemployed Arkansans during a pandemic, the first decade of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has changed our state’s health care system for the better. Our new policy brief outlines the myriad ways the ACA has improved health care for individuals, hospitals and the overall state economy. In […]